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Dr. Ching-Kuang Shene

Department of Computer Science
Michigan Technological University

Office: 305 Rehki CS Hall
Phone: (906) 487-3392
Fax: (906) 487-2283

Publications (Chinese Portion)
My NSF Projects
Cyclide Surfaces (under construction)
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Geometric Computing
Concurrent Computing Project
Cryptography Visualization Tools (under construction)
Course Information
CS3331: Concurrent Computing
CS3621: Computing with Geometry
CS3911: Introduction to Numerical Methods with Fortran
CS4411: Introduction to Operating Systems
CS5311: Computation Theory
CS5611: Advanced Computer Graphics
Web-Based Tutorials
Introduction to Computing with Geometry
Multithreaded Programming with ThreadMentor
Fortran 90 Tutorial
Digital Camera
My Blog (in Chinese) -- 80+ million page hits since 2008!

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