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Dr. Ching-Kuang Shene

Department of Computer Science
Michigan Technological University

Office: 305 Rehki CS Hall
Phone: (906) 487-3392
Fax: (906) 487-2283
Email: shene (from any CS machine) (from anywhere)

Publications (Chinese Portion)
My NSF Projects
Cyclide Surfaces (under construction)
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Geometric Computing
Concurrent Computing Project
Cryptography Visualization Tools (under construction)
Course Information
CS3331: Concurrent Computing
CS3621: Computing with Geometry
CS3911: Introduction to Numerical Methods with Fortran
CS4411: Introduction to Operating Systems
CS5311: Computation Theory
CS5611: Advanced Computer Graphics
Web-Based Tutorials
Introduction to Computing with Geometry
Multithreaded Programming with ThreadMentor
Fortran 90 Tutorial
Digital Camera
My Blog (in Chinese) -- 36+ million page hits since 2008!

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