CS Programming Skills Test Directions

The usual first course in computer science at Michigan Tech is CS1121. This course assumes no prior experience with computers and especially no prior experience writing computer programs. If this describes you, you need not read any further.

If you already have some programming skills and experience (e.g., Basic, C++, etc.), you might find CS1121 too easy and boring. For you we have an accelerated introductory course, CS1131. CS1131 covers the material that the normal two course introductory sequence covers CS1121 and CS1122.

In order to register for CS1131, you must have Departmental approval. To get Departmental approval, you must either have credit for a college level introductory programming course, a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP test or pass the CS Programming Skills test. The CS Programming Skills test is simply an indicator of what you know, and is solely for the purpose of prescheduling you into the right course. No credit is given even if you do well on the test. You do not have to take the test if you are not interested in taking CS1131.

No matter what choice you make and no matter what class you schedule, if you change your mind you can switch once you arrive on campus this fall. The only problem is that you might have scheduling difficulties due to some sections being filled.

If you are still interested in CS1131 and in taking the skills test, read on.

Give yourself about an hour to take the test. Do the best you can with the programming knowledge you currently have and without any help. Trying to do better than your current skills dictate may only get you into a class for which you are not prepared. CS1131 is a very fast-paced course. The web-site is set-up to email your answers when you hit submit.

If you prefer, you may print out the test, and send us your answers to this test by regular US mail or FAX. If you send it to us via US mail or FAX, write your answers on as many pieces of paper as you need, put your name on EVERY sheet, and mail them to:

    CS1131 Skills Test
    Department of Computer Science
    Michigan Technological University

or FAX them to (906) 487-2283. Please include a cover sheet with the FAX indicating that it is the CS1131 skills test.

You may use any programming language you know to complete this test (Pascal, Basic, C++, etc.). Use the same language throughout the test - do not switch between two or more. Don't worry about precise syntax - we do not care if you forget a comma as long as we can figure out what you mean. When writing code to read data you can make any assumptions you want about how the data are formatted. Likewise when printing results you may format them in any way you like.

Note - If you have any questions relating to CS1131 and/or this skills test please call (906) 487-2209 during normal business hours or send email to cs-quest@mtu.edu.

Click here to begin the test.

We will email your results within seven business days after we receive your exam.

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