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Paul & Susan Williams Center
for Computer Systems Research

Participating Faculty
Dr. Laura Brown, Assistant Professor
Dr. Steve Carr, Professor
Dr. Bo Chen, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ali Ebnenasir, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zhuo Feng, Assistant Professor
Dr. Dan Fuhrmann, Professor
Dr. Shiyan Hu, Assistant Professor
Dr. Scott Kuhl, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jean Mayo, Associate Professor
Dr. Saeid Nooshabadi, Professor
Dr. Nilufer Onder, Associate Professor
Dr. Soner Onder, Associate Professor
Dr. Linda Ott, Professor
Dr. Steve Seidel, Professor
Dr. Jindong Tan, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Chaoli Wang, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zhenlin Wang, Associate Professor

Mission Statement

The mission for CCSR is innovation in enabling computing technologies, concepts, methods, models, algorithms, and tools with a focus on computer systems. The CCSR supports the educational missions of the participating academic departments by funneling its research activities to innovative world-class educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students to expose them to the latest and exciting technological developments in computer systems. The CCSR fosters outreach activities to increase interest in computer science and engineering among K-12 students, teachers, and the community.

Description of Proposed Activities

CCSR has expertise in a wide range of areas, including, software engineering, programming languages, computer architecture and compilers, embedded systems, robotics and control, mobile and wireless ad-hoc networks, VLSI CAD, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, algorithms, real-time digital information and multimedia processing, high performance systems, and parallel processing. The main research themes for CCSR are:

   Research in real-time information processing, including complex electronic and computational architectures and systems that require real-time processing, multimedia processing, multi-dimensional information processing, architectures for low power and high performance embedded electronics systems, virtualization, cloud computing;

   Investigation in computational sensing, involving research in replacing high-end sensors with low grade ones and providing compensation through complex DSP computational techniques

   Circuits and systems design and optimization research including VLSI systems, nanoelectronics, novel design techniques;

   Research in embedded and distributed systems, including embedded and fault tolerant distributed systems, embedded control systems, distributed agent systems, mechatronics, and computer networking;

   Outreach to the greater Michigan Tech community, the State, and the Nation to promote the reputation of Michigan Tech in computer systems research;

   Regular dissemination of research results with sponsors and the appropriate technical communities by refereed archival publications and conference participation;

   Interaction of the participating faculty with undergraduate students through the University's enterprise programs.

   Investigate how to effectively use 3D computer graphics and immersive virtual environment technology to effectively convey information to users.

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